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Cosmetic Dentistry
Cosmetic dentistry is a world of exciting possibilities in creating the most beautiful smile and appearance possible. But it's more than just aesthetics. Cosmetic dentistry is also important in the health of your teeth and gums and how they work together. And, with today's technology and the experience of Doctors at Max Dental, the results you can expect are amazing.

At Max Dental we love to create perfect smiles to last a lifetime and pride ourselves on being artists in that regard. The way you look is a reflection of the care and techniques we use to create the appearance you want.

Today cosmetic dentistry uses superior materials and techniques to create long-lasting results. Working in tandem with important overall dental procedures, cosmetic dentistry will take your oral health and smile to the highest level.
Teeth Whitening - Rockstar White®
Professional teeth whitening is one of the most popular techniques for achieving a dazzling smile. Max Dental uses only the latest technology of Rockstar White® for his patients. This completely organic and pain-free process yields exceptional results.

Teeth Alignment - Invisalign®

Crooked or crowded teeth require orthodontic work but it no longer means the traditional metal braces and brackets. Max Dental uses Invisalign® which takes the modern approach to straightening teeth - orthodontically effective and almost invisible all at the same time. Max Dental has achieved the status of Premier Provider of Invisalign® which means he has done more cases than most other dentists, even those who also offer Invisalign®. For more information on the exciting pain-free and invisible alternative to braces.

Creating a Beautiful Smile - Simply!

In many cases, creating that brand new smile doesn't mean major orthodontic procedures. Max Dental uses two of these techniques that can have dramatic and long-lasting results.

LUMINEERS® veneers

Like traditional veneers, LUMINEERS® are also made from porcelain. The big difference is that LUMINEERS® can be done with little or no use of dental anesthetic and drilling. LUMINEERS® is contact lense thin to save your tooth structure and will permanently whiten your teeth. Max Dental Doctors are certified LUMINEERS® provider. For more information and to see examples of smile makeovers, please visit

Snap-On Smile

Get a brand new smile with a simple impression of your teeth which takes 15 minutes. The Snap-On Smile product is a revolutionary dental appliance which is ultra thin and wraps around all the teeth in one arch. It can change the shade of your teeth appearance as well as the shape, making them look longer, fuller, and more illustrious. In essence, you get the smile you want without doing anything to your teeth - no prepping, no injections. It's non-invasive and completely reversible. It is the veneer look without getting veneers, and you can even eat with it on! Please see for before and after pictures, etc.


Even dentures today can get a makeover. For loose or ill-fitting dentures, there are implant-supported dentures where the implants provide a stability unmatched by a denture adhesive. Dentures offer a cost-effective means for replacing lost teeth and restoring your beautiful smile. Dentures can take a bit of getting used to at first but, once you have, they will greatly improve your jaw function, ability to chew and speak. Today' full or partial dentures are natural looking and are designed to match your facial structure and desired tooth color. In addition, they are now cosmetically appealing with the metal clasps hidden or eliminated entirely. Having dentures made does require several appointments so expect that when considering this as an option. Max dental doctors will thoroughly go over all the options when choosing dentures as an alternative.

Is cosmetic dentistry a good investment?

Cosmetic dentistry procedures make use of the latest technology and the most durable materials. For this reason, some procedures may seem costly. While it is natural to be concerned about cost, there is hardly an investment in your health more important than a strong, functional, great-looking smile that will last for years. While cosmetic dentistry may be seen as purely for appearance, in fact, it can go a long way in preventing problems down the road that could be even more costly.

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