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Routine Care
Max dental is a general and family dental clinic chain in Western Mumbai. We treat children as well as adults.

Our routine dental care appointments are complete and comprehensive. When you visit our any of our Dental clinics for a regular visit, you will receive a professional dental cleaning from a trained dental hygienist. You will also meet with Dr. Desai or any her specialist doctors for an examination and discussion about your dental health and any problems or concerns you may be experiencing.

During his examination, the doctor will inspect for signs of tooth decay, gum disease, tooth wear, oral cancer and occlusal (bite) instability. By identifying signs of concern in their early stages, our doctors are able to recommend the most conservative treatment options. Additionally, routine dental care is a very important part of ensuring that your dental restorations continue to look and function their best.

Gum Disease and Tooth Decay

Two of the most common dental problems are gum disease and tooth decay, or dental cavities. Nearly all patients will have to deal with one or both problems at some point. We offer comprehensive treatments to manage and prevent gum disease and tooth decay.

Gum Disease

If you are displaying early signs or symptoms of gum disease, we may perform scaling and root planing procedures to remove plaque and tartar from deep pockets in the gum. This type of intensive teeth cleaning can help to prevent gum disease from progressing and allow the damaged tissue to repair itself. Gum disease is the leading cause of tooth loss in adults, many patients don't recognize signs of gum disease until it is too late. Through routine teeth cleaning, our dentist and hygienists can easily identify early warnings signs and provide quick treatment.

Tooth Decay

If you have tooth decay or tooth cavities, we offer a range of treatments. In the early stages, we may be able to simply apply a sealant or use tooth bonding to protect teeth. Small cavities can be treated with dental fillings, inlays and onlays. More advanced problems may require a root canal and/or dental crowns.

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